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Ten Yard Fight

Ten Yard Fight
Boston, Massachusetts, U.S.
Hardcore punk
Youth Crew
Years active
Equal Vision Records

Ten Yard Fight was a straight edge, football-based band formed in 1995 in Boston, MassachusettsAlong with In My Eyes and Floorpunch, they spearheaded the youth crew revival in 1997. Ten Yard Fight's "official" last show was in Boston on October 17, which would become the first National Edge Day. They would later play additional shows with partial lineups.

Ten Yard Fight played their first show with Moreschi clad in a combination of football gear and punk rock clothing. After receiving positive feedback the band decided to become more serious. Ten Yard Fight began performing on the East Coast.

Having sold 1,000 demos, Ten Yard Fight teamed up with Big Wheel Recreation to release the Hardcore Pride 7" in 1996. The initial pressing sold out in less than a week, helping generate a buzz that resulted in the band's signing to Equal Vision. During that time they also released a split 7" with Fastbreak. The first result of the partnership was a compiling of the demo and Hardcore Pride 7" onto a single CD. Ten Yard Fight would next release an album entitled Back on Track. Lineup changes followed, as the group toured Europe and the United States through 1997 and 1998. In 1998, the band recorded six new songs that would later surface on The Only Way EP.

In between these releases TYF appeared on many different compilation recordings. At the end of 1999, TYF played their last show together with friends Bane, Reach The Sky, and In My Eyes. This show was at the Karma Club on Lansdowne Street as the Yankees and Red Sox were playing right across the street in the ALCS at Fenway Park. The final lineup of the band included Anthony Moreschi, guitarist John LaCroix (who started out playing bass), guitarist Timmy Cosar (who later formed American Nightmare), bassist Brian "Clevo" Ristau, and drummer Ben Chused.

'The Only Way: 1995-1999', a DVD/video documentary, had its release celebrated a year later with Ten Yard Fight taking the stage, unannounced, at "Edge Day Two," coinciding with the final performance of Boston's In My Eyes. During the 4+ years that TYF was around, the band played all over the world, including several US tours, a European tour, many shows in Canada and even a weekend of 2 shows in Puerto Rico where Steve Reddy caused permanent spinal damage to LaCroix.

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