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Youth Of Today

Youth of Today
New York, USA
Hardcore, youth crew
Years active
1985 – 1990, 2004
Revelation Records
Associated acts
Gorilla Biscuits, CIV, Judge, Shelter

Youth of Today was an American hardcore punk band whose vocalist was from Danbury, Connecticut, and whose remaining members were from various parts of New York. Commonly referred to as a New York Hardcore band, the band played an important role in establishing the youth crew subculture of hardcore, both espousing and evolving the philosophies of the straight edge and vegetarian lifestyles.

Youth Of Today was formed in Danbury Connecticut in 1985 by two members of the hardcore band Violent Children, Ray Cappo (vocals) and John Porcelly (guitar), aiming to start a Straight Edge band at a time when most old school Straight Edge bands had disbanded. Having difficulty finding a bassist and drummer, Ray and Porcell found help from two high school friends, Graham Philips and Darren Pesce, who had played with Porcell in a band called The Young Republicans in the past.

In 1985, Youth Of Today recorded their debut EP Can't Close My Eyes for Kevin Seconds' (singer of the popular hardcore band 7 Seconds) label- Positive Force Records. At the same time the band contributed four songs to the Connecticut Fun compilation album; these tracks would later be combined with the aforementioned release to make the album version of Can't Close My Eyes that is commonly recognized today.

After touring for a while both Graham and Darren left the band, and two members of New York band Straight Ahead joined Ray and John, Craig Setari (bass) and Tommy Carroll (drums).

Tommy left during their second tour, and Drew Thomas, drummer of brotherband Crippled Youth (who later changed their name to Bold), was asked to finish the rest of the tour.

A short while later,Underdog vocalist Richie Birkenhead joined the band on second guitar. With this line-up, the first Youth Of Today album was recorded, entitled Break Down The Walls, and released by Wishingwell Records, the label of California Straight Edge bands Unity and Uniform Choice.

Soon after recording the album Drew was replaced by Mike "Judge" of Death Before Dishonor. (Later to be the singer, along with John Porcelly on guitar, in the band Judge).

Craig left to reform Straight Ahead (and later played in Agnostic Front and Sick Of It All), and Walter Schreifels of Gorilla Biscuits joined on as the new bassist.

At the end of the Break Down The Walls tour that followed the release of the LP, second guitarist Richie left the band to concentrate on singing in Underdog, and with that line-up Youth Of Today appeared with two songs on the Revelation Records sampler "New York Hardcore - The Way It Is", alongside New York bands like Bold, Gorilla Biscuits, Side By Side and Sick of it All.

At the end of 1987 Mike left the band, and Sammy Siegler (ex-Side by Side) became the new drummer. In 1988 Youth Of Today recorded their classic second LP "We're Not In This Alone", which was released in America by Caroline Records and in Europe by Funhouse Records.

The beginning of the next year, Youth Of Today, whose line-up was steady at last, did a European tour- playing shows in: Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Germany, Switzerland, Austria,Yugoslavia, Italy, France, Belgium, the Netherlands and England.

In 1990 Youth Of Today decided to quit and recorded 4 songs for a farewell 7" on Revelation Records. Three of those songs appeared on the single "Disengage".

When Youth Of Today split, it seemed the beginning of the end for the second Straight Edge wave, which had begun in 1985, and which was at its height in 1988-1990. Together with bands like Uniform Choice, Insted, No For An Answer, Chain of Strength, and Gorilla Biscuits, Youth Of Today were an inspiration for hundreds of bands all over the world, who combined the message of positive thinking and Straight Edge with energetic and fast hardcore.

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