Thursday, February 25, 2010

Negative FX


Negative FX was a hardcore band from Boston formed in 1981. Though the band lasted only a short time, playing only a total of five shows (six flyers exist), the band was well known for their involvement in the local straight edge scene of the early '80s.
Along with members of the bands DYS and SS Decontrol (SSD), Negative FX was part of the Boston Crew: a group of social friends who traveled around the country with SSD and other Boston hardcore bands.

Negative FX played an incredibly fast and largely unmelodic form of hardcore punk (their music could be considered proto-power violence), that featured frequent gang vocals shouted along with the chorus. The band members consisted of Patrick Raftery on guitar, Rich Collins on Bass, Dave (Bass) Brown on drums, and their high profile vocalist Jack Kelly, who frequently went by the name of Choke. Choke went on to later form the band Last Rights, then Slapshot.

Negative FX has released only one self-titled album, which was recorded in April and November 1982 at Radiobeat studios in Kenmore Square but wasn't released until 1984 on Taang! Records. It was re-released on blue, red, clear & amber vinyl (all limited to aprox. 500) by Taang! in 1989 and more recently on the Belgian label Reflex Records in 2002 on black vinyl limited to 800, pink vinyl limited to 100 and yellow vinyl limited to 100. Successful punk rock band NOFX also is throwback to this band. Eric Melvin had listened to their one studio album, and when trying to come up with a name for his new band with Fat Mike he suggested the name No FX. Fat Mike agreed on the name because, “it was the best one so far.”


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