Monday, February 15, 2010

Turning Point

Turning Point was a straight edge hardcore band from New Jersey that existed from 1988 to 1991
Their early releases had the sound of straight edge hardcore of the time, with lyrics relating to social issues or being straight edge. The later material was a lot more emo influenced, integrating more emotional lyrics, softer vocal delivery and octave chords.
This eventually led the way for other straight edge/hardcore bands to do so, such as Split Lip, Falling Forward, etc.
Lead singer Skip Candelori
and guitarist Jay Laughlin previously formed Moorestown, New Jersey-based Pointless. Ken Flavell, drums, originally played drums with brother Chris Flavell in the early southern New Jersey hardcore band, Failsafe. Nick Greif, bass, previously played bass in the late 80's straight-edge hardcore band, Awareness. Matthew Kerfoot, guitarist in Awareness, was Greif's original choice to play drums in Turning Point. Kerfoot declined, opting to leave for college.

Candelori died in 2002 of an accidental drug overdose


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