Tuesday, January 12, 2010


H8000: Is the name for all Hardcore scenes in West Flanders, Belgium. Some places that have very active scenes are: Kortrijk, De Haan, Bruges, Ypres, Izegem, Roeselare, Zeebrugge, Oostduinkerke,...

H8000 Hardcore can be categorised as mainly new school metalcore, where leading bands as Liar and Congress are known all over the world!
The name is pronounced Hate Thousand.
- The "H" Stands for "Hate" Against the Critism that the scene had to endure!
- "8000" Stands For the Postal Codes of the Villages in West Flanders.

Important bands from the H8000 scene were:
LIAR, CONGRESS, Blindfold, Spirit Of Youth, Regression, Shortsight, Sektor, Firestone, Solid, Deformity, Spineless, Vitality, Empathy, Resist The Pain, Nations On Fire, Voices At The Front,... RIP!!!

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