Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Project X

EP by Project X
November 28, 1987
Youth Crew
6:29 (original 7")
8:56 (2005 reissue)
Schism Records (original 7")
Bridge 9 (2005 reissue)
Project X and Don Fury

Project X was a short-lived straight edge hardcore punk/youth crew band from New York City, and also the name of their only release, being a five-track EP. The band consisted of members of other prominent NYC hardcore bands Gorilla Biscuits, Youth of Today, Side by Side and Judge.

The band started when John Porcelly (vocalist) and Alex Brown (guitarist) planned to release a 7" compilation of rare, unreleased hardcore from the early 1980s to accompany the seventh issue of their fanzine, called 'Schism.' When they couldn't acquire the rights to release the compilation, they decided to form a 'project band,' record a 7" under its name and release it with the fanzine. Fellow band members were recruited and Project X was formed.

The record had a pressing of 500, and according to the band's bio

on Bridge Nine Records' website, the majority of the records sold out at a gig in Connecticut. The record was never pressed again, but was re-released 18 years after the original release year in 2005 on Bridge Nine Records.

The band played very few shows, estimated as low as five. These included some on the east cost of America, and a few during Youth of Today's European tour in 1989.

The 7-inch remained Project X's only recorded output (they were, after all, just a project, and the members were busy with their other bands). So when Porcelly as a joke put Project X - The Edge Of Quarrel LP on his Maximum RocknRoll playlist during a San Francisco visit, record collectors began searching high and low for this fabled LP, but alas, it never existed. The band did however write one song that was only performed live, "Can't Keep Me Down." Later the lyrics were changed, and it became the Youth Of Today song "Live Free" on the band's We're Not In This Alone album.
n Bridge Nine Rec

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